• Punctuality and regularity are most essential. The student must be in time for all school activities.
  • Leave letters with the Signature of the parents, should be submitted to the Principal before they take leave. Prolonged illness requires Medical Certificate.
  • Politeness in conversation and behaviour is expected from the pupil. All should contribute to the high moral and spiritual standard set by the school. Pupils are answerable to the school authorities if
    he/she misbehaves even outside the school.
  • The absentees who have not submitted their leave letters ought to get the signature of the principal in their handbooks before entering into their respective classes.
  • Running, shouting and playing in the class rooms and the corridors are prohibited.
  • Student are to do the homework everyday without fail.
  • The Campus language is English.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from leaving the school premises during class hours without due permission of the Principal.
  • Wish every teacher irrespective of the classes they handle. Stand up at once and wish a teacher or a visitor when he/she enters or leaves the classroom.
  • Maintain silence during class hours, especially in the absence of the teacher.
  • Read the Handbook carefully and bring it to school everyday. Make a note in it of anything or importance to you.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep the school premises clean.
  • The use of bad language, unruly behaviour and bad manner are forbidden.
  • Full attendance and unfailing punctuality in Pupil leads him/her to great success.
  • Recreation serves to refresh your mind and to give you renewed energy to study. So, take active part in all games and physical activities.
  • Take part in inter-school and inter-house extra curricular activities and make the best of the opportunities provided to you.
  • Do your lessons daily, and not reserve them for the last minute preparation before exams.
  • No student is allowed to go out of the school campus for lunch.
  • Due permission is required for lunch at the noon hours in the KG campus if in case of meals brought by parents.
  • Keep silence in toilet area.
  • Writing or scribbling on the walls or furniture and damage to any school property are forbidden.
  • All the cycles should have a lock and be locked when you leave it at the stand. If stolen, you are responsible for it.


  • The school fees are to be paid in 3 terms (June, Sep,January). In the event of non payment of school fees within the month, the name of the pupil will be struck off the rolls. If readmission is sought the pupil may be admitted again at the discretion of the Principal. In such cases a readmission fee Rs.100/- will be charged.
  • All dues to the school should be cleared by 31st March, otherwise pupil will not be permitted to sit for the Annual Examinations, nor will they be considered for promotions to the next class.
  • Transfer certificate will be issued only to those who have settled all their fees and other dues.
  • Pupils leaving or joining the school in the middle of a term must pay the fees for the full term.