• The school uniform is compulsory for all the students. Parents are requested to ensure that their ward comes to school in the correct uniform in all respects and neatly dressed. Otherwise, strict disciplinary action will be taken against him / her.
  • Hair must be short and neatly combed, clothes must be clean and ironed and shoes must be polished. Mushroom hair cut and colouring of hair are not permitted. Students are forbidden to wear expensive sports or leather shoes or any other than the ones prescribed by the school; otherwise they will be confiscated, and will not be returned.
  • Each pupil is expected to posses at least three sets of regular uniform.



  •  Green Pinafore
  •  Blouse: white with green stripes (half sleeved)
  •  Belt and Tie
Stds.VI – XII

  •  Salwar Kameez with shawl
  •  Hair ribbons : Black
  •  Second Uniform
BOYS KG to Std.V

  •  Shirt: White with green stripes (half sleeved)
  •  Trousers : half pant – green
Stds.VI – XII

  •  Shirt: White green stripes (half sleeved)
  •  Full pant: Green
  •  Belt and tie


     Foot Wear:

  • Black shoes and Black socks for all.


Pre KG to III Umbrella cut pinafore Grey + Blouse Grey cheked
IV – V Skirt and Shirt
VI – XII Salvar Kameez with shawl


Pre KG to III Half Pant & shirt
VI – XII Pant and shirt